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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fast For The Invisible Children

Invisible Children

I was teaching a peace and justice class to my juniors last year and one of my students gave me this movie called Invisible Children. She wanted me to play it for the class during one of our double periods. It was about a crisis happening in Uganda. It thought “why not”? So I played the movie for my class. It was excellent. The story goes like this:

These American guys, (friends) heard about an unjust war taking place in Uganda, but they didn’t know very much about it. So, they decided to travel there to find out what it was all about. They brought their cameras, intending to bring back some footage. The ended up finding out a lot more than what they expected. They discovered that thousands of little children are—currently—being forced into a war as mercenaries. We’re talking about 10, 12 year old children! They are stolen and are then trained for war. They become so immersed in killing that, all they can think of is blood. Little children cry as they tell their stories. They cry out to God for help.

The footage that the guys took was made into the film Invisible Children. They sell this film on their website, which is dedicated to relieving the children from their suffering. Also, they sell bracelets, which are made in Uganda, by those children who have not been abducted. These bracelets are to remind us of the suffering children. The money that is made is put back into the community in Uganda. Initially, they planned on building a new town for the people, but now the money is being put into education.

Oftentimes, many of us today hear of so many atrocities happening all over the world, that we figure we cannot wage a sufficient war against all of them, or any of them. We take a look at all of the evils in the world and give up before even trying. And when it comes to something like a crisis Uganda, which is so far away, we tend to think that we cannot have any impact there. Because nowadays we have the T.V. etc., we hear of so many atrocities all at once. And what happens is we get overwhelmed. Sometimes we just say a prayer to keep our consciences quiet for a time. But what happens after a while is we become complacent and even comfortable in our powerlessness. And the end result of all of this is that we train ourselves to be learn to be unloving. But God wants us to be actually running in this race.

So let me tell you what I have in mind. An acquaintance and I have decided that we will fast on Oct 18th for the Invisible Children. We decided that if we try to take on just some of what these poor children suffer each day, then God will be pleased. Perhaps God might even be moved to have mercy on them. My friend and I decided to email all of our friends about this and to invite them to join in the fast. So hopefully, if you are reading this, you too will email your friends and family etc. It would be amazing if hundreds and hundreds of people were fasting on this day for the Invisible Children of Uganda. Jesus suffered for us. All I'm suggesting is that it would be great if we could follow His example. The little cross we plan on picking up is the cross of hunger, and the slight suffering that comes with that.

If you decide to join in this fast, it would be really encouraging to know about it. Please email me so that I can count up the number of people and post it on my blog. Thay way, when you fast, you can do so knowing that so many others are out there fasting. Knowing that there are others involved can help us be all the more excited about it.

If you desire to buy the DVD Invisible Children or the bracelets for their cause, please go to www.invisiblechldren.com

If you decide you will fast for the children in Uganda, please email me here at damienjconnolly@hotmail.com and I will add your name to the number, which will get posted on this blog.

It must be made known that this fast is about the Invisible Children. Not me. Not my friend. Not anybody...except for the Invisible Children. It is also worth noting that this fast is an interdenominational effort.

Finally since I am the one calling this fast, I feel obliged to say that I am not promoting pregnant women fasting, little children fasting, elderly people fasting, and (of course) fasting for very long periods of time. Please use your wisdom. And if you do fast, please use your wisdom when coming off of your fast (they say that a small salad is a good thing to eat after a fast).

Ps. If you want to email your friends about this fast, you are more than welcome to copy this post into an email, if you feel it would help to explain the situation.


At 9:07 AM, Blogger heyirishman said...

So far, we have about 8-10 people fasting. May God look with mercy on this humble effort.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Therese_Rose_Morning said...

I'm a little late on this, but after seeing your post, I will join you. :-D

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Mike T. said...

I have not talked in awhile. I hope you are doing well. Give me a ring. Your brother in Christ -

Mike T.


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